Biology Guest Speakers

Guest speakers / businesses / local experts

    • NEAT: mason bees, gardening, idling vehicles, recycling
    • Public Health Nurses: basic health – handwashing, resources for head lice and other illnesses, immunizations
    • Hospital: Lab technician, Dietician, Radiology, Pharmacist
    • Northern Health: basic health, food science & technology
    • Council of Forest Industries: carbon cycle, sustainability of forest / forest management
    • Sd 60 Aboriginal support : medicinal plants, archeology, history
    • Genome BC: DNA, salmon, evolution,
    • North Peace Vet Clinic: pet care, vaccinations
    • Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resources: so many!!: wildlife, climate
    • Ministry of Agriculture: crops, farmers, fisheries, food
    • Dental technician
    • Forest Fire Fighters (Initial Attack crews)
    • Canadian Natural Resources
    • Roy Northern
    • Progress